Sold - ISK Revieved, Transfer Paid For

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
None Used

4. Character location.
pw: 3579

Best Offer

you need to follow the rules and list all the information and eveskillboard.

Am I missing anything now?

Bump 1st simce post… thanks!

3.5B B/O

Ella Goose
Contacted In Game, will await ISK and account name to be transferred to.

Character Sold to Ella Goose

Awesome I’ll transfer isk and account name in about 2 hours, currently at work if that’s cool with you!

I leave for work around 350pm (PDT).
I will not be able to begin transfer until after I get back (11pm - ish) PDT

Isk and account info have been sent

Transfer has been requested and paid for.

Thank You

Received email, thank you for a quick transaction!

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