WTS Rattelsnake / Tengu / Logi / Drone / Scan / 62,5 Mio SP (included 3.5 Mio Free SP)


Im ready for your offers!

Start 35 B

I can offer 33B

i will wait for 48 Houers for other offers
maybe you lucky :wink:


if nobody will pay more i will acept the offer today at 18 Eve Time
so last chance if you are intrestet

38b :slight_smile:

thx for the offer
time to 18 EvE Time is ticking :wink:


Sold for 38 B
can you send the isk and tell me what acount to transfer to then i start the transfer!

how hard is it for you all to read the gd rules when it comes to selling…

what did i wrong then ?
just waiting for the isk :wink:

still no isk arived
i wait until 18 eve time today
if there is still no isk arived i will acept the offer of Supreme Leader JarJarBinks with 37 B

my bed, i went to bed early. I will send isk shortly.

Then do it bevor 18 eve time today please

Supreme Leader JarJarBinks

are you still intrestet in the char for 37 B ?
if yes send isk and i will start transfer
if no please tell so i will start a new autktion

Yes I am.
Doing the weekend shift now. Ill be home 8-9hour from now, if you can wait

37 B offer from Aish Naari aceptet
send isk and we can start the transfer

edit Supreme_Leader_JarJarBinks i waitet 10 houers and no isk arived

still no isk

so waiting for it

I can pay 35b, isk ready, just let me know.

thank you
auktion will end 08.06.2021 @ 18 eve time
keep isk ready

all former guys didnt send isk so we reopen the auktion