[SOLD] - 27msp want20b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/RNGuzi_SKT 20b

come on

20b. BO isk ready.
Please leave to NPC Corp

ok my fd

Should I send you ISK and account info?

YES My account isGUSHITA SHI

According to Character Bazaar rules i can only send you isk to the character you posted this thread with.

Thank you. I didn’t understand the role for the first time. Thank you for telling me

Please tell me what I should do

I need you to pay for the role transfer because my price is very low

Post message that you accept my offer (here on this post) and you are waiting for isk.
After your confirmation i will sent ISK to you (to account you are selling) and in game email with details where you should transfer that account.
All details are here:

Can you pay for the role transfer

Transfer price is cover by SELLER, there is no option to be covered by buyer.

I need another 3b of isk do you agree

Sorry, but 20B is my final offer and its excaly what was your ask price. I can’t offer more.

Okay, I agree with the deal

Ok, im sending ISK and accounts info

Okay, I’m online

ISK and account info send

Okay, I’m shifting roles