Sold ty

sold closed

For sale :slight_smile:

160b offer

165b offer

ty for the offers looking for more

I don’t think he’s worth so much

that’s your opinion , the 6.6m Unallocated SP alone are worth 27b if u would want to inject it on such a high SP char , in the end it it comes down to what someone is wlling to pay and I am sure someone is willing to pay more :rocket:

167B offer

175b offer.This is my sincere offer. At present, I offer in multiple roles. I only need one role. If you agree, please deal with it as soon as possible.

I can live with that @Sparta12v if no one should outbid you in the next 12 hours the Char is yours.

177B offer

178b offer

sounds good @Sparta12v send isk and details please

Please pay attention to receiving email.I will use this role to send the isk. Heixiangjiao

The isk has been sent. Please start sending roles.

will do , replied to your mail ingame for confirmation

Confirmed, please let me know when sending.

transfer initiated ty

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