Char sold close pls


you Amarr fun pure char cukaye i like him , he needs to keep and protect as pure as like this gz, first lets keep away extractors offerin 172b isk thank you…

You need to start higher, this characer has an extraction value of 173b isk. It’s date of creation alone makes it work more, but also having 200m sp? Start at 200, wish I could afford.

170B new

175B offer

ye lets go 176 b offer :slight_smile:

Apologies for the late reply - I was out of the country all weekend and have been sick since I returned!

@Vashj_Bloodbane - your offer is accepted. I’ll pm you ingame regarding the account information and transfer of ISK.

Hi i replied your mail ill send isk as quick as possible ty

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hi isk and account name sent, ty

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Perfect, I’ll sort the transfer shortly!

Character transfer has been initiated. Thank you @Vashj_Bloodbane !

char received ty

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