Char for sale 7.9 mil sp

8 mil sp , old charecter, not used much . I will drop it into npc corp today. only want 5 bil for it. good starter char
positive balaNCE of 1 mil isk
char is in Amarr
no kill rights
no jump clones installed

evemail me in game

I evemail you by my charator “CFO Niubility” in game, by remote control app on my iPhone.
And I already see ur charator inf.
5b buyout . Waiting for your acceptement.
Isk is ready.
But …I am on bus now. It still takes me 1h to get back home.

ok ill log bcaK ON at 02:15 for sale if you still want

Yeah I want . Let’s complete our trade when you back.

5b is already transferred to blueswan. Please check.

Emmmm…but you know I’m still on bus… I will create a new account when I back home, and send you in game to complete our trade.
Best wish.

My account inf has mail Blueswan in game.
Waiting for your transfer.
Have a nice day bro.

Doc , charecter transfer has been done on account management site. It says it can take up to 10 hrs to transfer. Please email me back here or on charecter “Kendex” in gaME IF there is a problem.


Charecter "Blueswan " has been sold as of 3/10

I got your eve mail yet.
I’ll comfirm this trade after I get Blueswan.
Fly safe bro. thanks so much.

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