17+ year old character, never been in a corp, only 800k SP, positive standings and positive wallet, no kill rights for or against, no jump clones, located in high sec.

7 billion ISK offer.


Yes, serious. Why? Didn’t expect that high?

To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would be interested.

I’m interested. Are you willing to sell him?

Yes, absolutely. I haven’t sold or bought a character from the bazaar in years… is a paid character transfer still required?

Yes, 20 dollars is the fee, I believe. If you are willing to sell for 7 billion, then send me a message in-game with the name of the character you want the ISK sent to. Also name the character here in this post for forum rules.
Also please note that I will send the ISK most probably tomorrow, as I’m away now and can’t actually open the game. Typing this on my phone.

Forgive the naive questions, which character’s name do I post here? The isk receiver, or the one for sale? Also, are you paying for the transfer?

Both names. The name of the sold character needs to be public as it is the subject of the sale. Also the name of the receiving character is important as I wouldn’t want to send the ISK to some other player.
I can’t pay the transfer fee, I can’t pay for you. That would imply me doxxing you, which I don’t want to do and is also against the EULA. That’s why I made the 7 bil. ISK offer. 20$ is worth about 2 bil. ISK.
The way it works:

  1. We agree on a price here in the bazar. Then you name a character name for me to send the ISK to. It is common practice for you to send an in-game mail so it can also be verified in-game.
  2. I send the ISK in-game and tell you which account of mine you must transfer your chatacter to.
  3. You open a suppost ticket and ask to transfer your character to my account. For good measure and to avoid mistakes, you also indicate the in-game mail.
    This is done so that scams may not be perpetrated. If someone advertises selling a character and receives the ISK but doesn’t open a ticket ti transfer the character within 24 hours, then the person who sent the ISK may open a ticket to ask for the ISK back.

I accept Ba’Gon Ru’Gok’s offer of 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) isk for the purchase of my character named OreBoy II.

The character receiving the isk is OreBoy II
I agree to pay the character transfer fee

Ok. I will send the ISK as soon as I get home to my computer. I will send you an in-game mail with the account to transfer your character to and I will also notify you of the transfer here. After you receive the ISK and the in-game mail, you may open a ticket requesting the transfer.

Sounds good!

The char being sold is who accepts the isk.

Please make sure that your post contains all the relevant and required data specified by the forum rules.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread

This thread will remain close until you have edited your post with the appropriate information. Once that is done, please flag your post and I will reopen the thread.

Create a correct Sales Thread and follow the Forum rules. I will monitor this and forward everything which is not following the Forumsrules directly to CCP.

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The correct sales thread would be with the char for sale creating the thread, but i think if you post with that char, that they are for sale in here, that might suffice @Jenna_Marie , also as i mentioned ore boy accepts the isk.


MR. ISD TrainDriver (ISD) do you know if transfers are currently down?

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Seems there are some Updates to the Service Routine running at the moment.

Thank you for confirming, no word on an uptime yet for the service?