Wallet 0, ships one shuttle, open to fair offers

10.25bil. Skillsheet?

10.25bill I can do that if that is an offer, let me know when you want me to start the transfer. Now not sure what you mean Skill Sheet if you need to see this, not sure how to allow you to see it; thought it was automaniac. Is there something I need to do for you to see that. I made a skill sheet for this char as ask when I started .

offer you 10.5b pls send link to skills

do you accept my 10.5b offer?

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Yes I do, I can agree to that

sending isk

One sec I just have to grab my wallet to start transfer

Will be sending isk and account info via alt: McKayla

let me know when ready

Sorry I never done this before first time, I at the transfer window its asking to what account i transfer to? is there something i need to click on

yes you will need to type in my accountvname. I will mail it to you thru ingame message

let me know when ready

transfer is done

have not received email confirmation lets give it a minute

@LadyHawk2u next time you sell a character, please read the rules when selling…

k got it sending 10.5b to LadyHawk2u

you need to still be logged into lady to get your isk correct?

are you there?