Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

All CCP rules apply and the character is in the NPC corporation ready for transfer.


Open to offers.

Many thanks.

That’s an interesting skillsheet…


7.5 B

8 bil

First to offer 10 billion gets it.


8.5 B

9.5 B?

9.5 billion buyout

That seems like an AI bid 8.75 B Buyout.

My bid is real, 9,5 billion isk buyout

First to send 9.5 B to this character, along with their account username gets the character.

that is not the correct way to do it agree with someones offer or not.

10B b/o with your confirmation that we have a deal

If you confirm the deal here on forum I will send isk and account information

9.75 B Buyout


Offer accepted.

Please send the ISK to this character, along with your account username.

Isk sent with account username


ISK and account username received - thank you.

Character transfer has been initiated and will appear on your account after the 10 hour countdown.

Please can you confirm that you’ve received notification of a character transfer.

Thank you!

Still no notification of character transfer


I also didn’t receive an e-mail that I had initiated a Character Transfer.

The transfer, however, is showing as going through.

Transfer Confirmation

If you haven’t received the character after the time specified on the screenshot, please let me know.

Edit: Character has left my account, so should hopefully be showing on your account now.

Thank you for the smooth transaction.

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