Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

This is a well trained high SP PVP / PVE character with 225.5 million skill-points.

Here is a link to her skill-sheet:


  • Character is in the NPC corporation.

  • Wallet balance will be zero before transferring the character.

  • No kill-rights.

  • Located in Jita 4-4.

All CCP rules apply.

Buyout: 200 Billion ISK.

Reasonable offers welcome.

Thank you!


Offer of 175 as discussed in game


Offer accepted.

Please send ISK and username to this character and I will proceed with the transfer.

Thank you!

No reply, so still available.

I will offer 175B for you. Prefer a quick transaction if possible.

I will offer 176B for you. Prefer a quick transaction if possible.


Thank you, I will accept your offer.

Please send the ISK and the user name to this character.

Once received, I’ll initiate the transfer of the character to your account.

177 B offer lets keep the bidding open.

First to bid 180 gets it!

in game now.

She’s yours!

Please send ISK and account user name.

Sending isk now and follow with email .

Isk Delivered
Account Email Sent

ISK and username received - many thanks!

Transfer will commence in approximately 5 minutes.

I will update this thread once the transfer has been started.


Transfer has been started and the character will arrive on your account in 10 hours.

Please confirm on here once you’ve received the character.

Many thanks!

Thank you, I will adjust the thread to closed when transfer finalizes.

Transfer complete.

I have arrived to my new owner.

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