Hi all, I am selling myself due to just not using this character enough


PW = sale

Nearly 60mil SP and good level 5 skills
75,000 free sp waiting to use.

Has implants in jump clones here ->> IMPLANTS

Remap ready now and three bonus remaps


Great name and a good clean character

Many skills injected ready to go for caps and JDC 5, JDO 5 all done
Whoever takes this gets a really useful character

:grinning: In jita
:grinning: Isk to this character
:grinning: Ready for immediate transfer
:grinning: I pay transfer fee by card (so no waiting)
:grinning: positive wallet
:grinning: In NPC
:grinning: Sec status ok

I am not in a rush but I am ready to go

Tell me where you want to start and good luck with the bidding…


Sorry my mistake so just added it

This looks rather good skilled.

I’l put in a bid at 40b.

Just sell it to me strait off ty. :slight_smile:

Noted and thanks for the offer but a bit more or I will just keep training the character. :heart_eyes:

Boost to the top

Responded in game!


Thanks for the offers …

I have accepted Maizies offer in game awaiting isk and account details

Sending now ;=)

Isk and account details received and character is in transfer… Thank you and flysafe…

Transfer confirmed, thanks, Kuang!!!

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