Hi there. I have a 70m SP alt character for sale. I used it to scavenge, steal, mine, run a few misc missions, etc. – just whatever seemed kind of fun at the time that was sort of off-the-grid in terms of typical game play. I would use this char sometimes to support my main character and other times to just play under the radar as a scoundrel.


72,992,900 SP which includes about 1.2mil in unallocated skill points.

Wallet is positive with about 2 mil ISK

No kill rights

10 jump clones spread all over… some in null, some in low, some in high, one in Pochven with basic implants

Character is currently located in Jita 4-4 in a shuttle.

Security status is 0.1 (positive)

I used this char for a lot of high-risk non combat PVP kind of stuff (stealing structures, fleet fight looting, etc.) and got podded a fair amount. People loathe a scumbag, what can I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty well skilled so building the reputation should be easy.

Please send your offer!


Start you off at 45B

46 Billion

47B (i wish it would allow 3 character responses)

57B offer

58B offer

58.5 offer

59 B offer

Hoping for a 62b isk buyout… otherwise, I’ll close the sale later today and the highest wins!

Thanks again.

Ready with 59 B ISK offer. Let’s close the deal.


Thanks for the bids. I’ll be ending this auction in about an hour. It is currently 22:12 UTC.

I won’t be around in 1 hour unfortunately would you do 61 bill now?

Yes. I am closing the auction now at 61b!

Cool I will be out for the next hour but will send isk and account deets as soon as I get back

Isk and account details sent

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