WTS 68.2 ml Sp pilot + 500 k free sp

(Ferba) #1

Hi, capsulers!

Time has come to put my toon for sale! I attach eveboard so you could have a look at skills

The toon has positive wallet, positive sec status (5.0) , character is located in nul sec (Esoteria), but I can move it to high sec, 2 remaps available.
Feel free to give a quote.
Auction starts from 50b with b/o 60b

Generate Account Name Hashes -- Help Prevent additional Scamming
(IChooseYou) #2

55bil bo

(Mdm Curie) #3

56 bill

(Ferba) #4

any more bids?

(Fatli Solvent) #5

57b offer

(Ferba) #6

Reasonable one. I ready to sell for that price, so I agree

(Fatli Solvent) #7

isk and account name sent
Awaiting confirmation

(Admiral Algos) #8

Ferba is scammer,
he cheated my about 45B isk,
he say sell this char 45b for me , i send but he not go trans .
it is 3-4 hours earlier than this post. at 2018.04.15 03:50 time.
I submitted a supper ticket to gamemaster.

You need to be careful about this person.

(Absolute Truth) #9

Whats the link to your thread? He may be the same guy that scammed other people too:

(Admiral Algos) #10

i wtb char
and post

he mail me sell this char for 45b
i send isk but he not go trans . he say he will go trans tomorrow.

but 3-4 hours later , i find this post , he sell char to others .

I submitted a supper ticket to gamemaster.

Everybody need to be careful now !!

(Absolute Truth) #11

@ISD_Yumi i guess you can add this one to the list too

(Admiral Algos) #12

thank you , good man :medal_sports: @Absolute Truth

(Fatli Solvent) #13

Yup add it to the scammer list
i got got.
All up to the GMs and CCP now.

(Admiral Algos) #14

@ISD_Yumi @ISD_Sakimura @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar @ISD_Buldath @ISD_Hazard @ISD_Parrot @ISD_Cycle @ISD_BH_Aufhocker
i am sorry to @ so many ISD, but long long times left , i dont see anyone and anything.
anyone can help me ?

(Admiral Algos) #15

you send 57B?
does he do trans for you ?

(Admiral Algos) #16

go top
GM and ISD need see !

(ISD Eshtir) #17

(ISD Eshtir) #18

Thread closed, pending GM investigation.