Selling 16.4m SP toon

Hi all,

Looking at selling my alt character.

Pilot makes a great salvager, hauler and explorer and has decent shield and armor skills.

Eve Board:


  • Caldari Frigate V
  • Covert Ops V
  • Ore Industrial V
  • Archaeology V
  • Hacking V
  • Caldari Industrial V
  • Great scanning skills
  • Good Engineering skills
  • Good Armor and Shield skills
  • 16,400,000 SP
  • Great name

Starting bid is: 13b
Auto-win is: 16b


  • 1 bonus remap.
  • Remap available 2018/09/28
  • Wallet: 90,000 ISK (Total net worth as of post creation: 5,370,433 ISK)
  • No Jump clones
  • No Kill rights
  • Character located in Bika II - Theology Council Law School in Bika
  • In a NPC corp
  • Security status 0.0
  • No bounty

Auction will end when Auto-win is reached or I accept a bid.

Message Zlatorg in game or post offers here.

Confirming I am for sale.

first time on bazar and have no idea whats the prices …so lets start with 6 bil.

Thanks for the offer, but I would recommend looking around before placing bids like that :slight_smile:

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13b? Can do now

Was hoping for a little more.


14b is my final… offer good through the night

If you can push it up to 15b I will accept.

Daily bump.

Daily Bump


15b for 3 hrs

Hi Istar, happy to accept 15b for the toon if you are still buying.

I can do 13.5b

14bil b/o

15b offer

Accepted. Transfer isk and send username.

isk and account name sent

Account transfer initiated. Thanks!

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