SOLD - (delete) WTS 16.7 SP - Magic 14 plus - Best Offer

16.7m SP pilot for sale…
Drone/Covert/Explorer/Missile/Shield/Armor etc etc.

Check it out and make an offer. About to be deployed overseas and this character is one I no longer need… never name a charcter after a (now ex) girlfriend.

Perfect for a pilot wanting to fly with positive security back into HighSec or start a new life with a fresh alt.

Pilot Link

Price reduced: Asking 10b OBO (And I am paying transfer fee)

Bump… Will consider all reasonable offers.

Daily Bump, dropped price… Now a steal!

-10B please advise if this is winning bid so that I can transfer Isk.

Agreed. Just send me the info on the transfer, I’ll start immediately. (Send mail in game or private in forum for the account you wish to have it transferred to. When the ISK is transfered, I’ll click the char transfer). And thanks, only had a few days until I’m sent overseas.

sent you an ingame mail.

Isk Transferred and account info given. Please acknowledge receipt of funds.

Transferred… Thanks again, and good luck.

Character received - thanks.

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