WTS Tengu/Gila Pilot 12m SP

As per title want to sell myself


99k Unallocated SP

Caldari Cruiser 5
Small/Medium Drones 5
Heavy Assault Missiles 5
All Missile supports 4

B/O 10

All CCP rules blah blah blah no jump clones and a +3 set, located in hisec, isk positive etc etc

7bils offer

Lowest I’ll go is 9b


I’ll buy him for 10bil.

I just sent you 10 bil along with an ingame mail with my username.

Awesome just finishing work and I’ll start the transfer

Thanks dude.

Too many characters on the account you sent me

Could you do the transfer in 7 hours time? Ony of my characters is on a 6hrs 20mins delete timer.

sure thing

Cool, thanks.

I just contacted support and had them delete the character instantly, you should be able to do the transfer now.

transfer initiated

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