WTS 14.5m SP tengu pilot

missile specced pilot, used for
-lv4 missions
-Tengu ded 10/10 runner
-scan explo and run with tengu
-trig invasion with the caracal

Positive security status
1 remap avaible
Clone with +3 implants for missiles

Ill pay with my credit card so the transfer takes 10h not longer

13b offer

thx for offer
a little more billions and I will accept it


14B IS OK?
All I have is this ISK

with a few billions more I was thinking about 15bill

ill offer 13b, aint worth more

14.5B Offer

15 bill

Ill accept, please sent isk and account name to me


no responds

bump for now

15B B/O OK?

yes I can accept that
sent isk + account name to me.

isk and account name sent in game.
pls check mailbox,thx.

will start transfer whem Im back from work
thank you

do you have a free slot for your new character ?
I cannot start the transfer, got error

Already filled a ticket to CCP (if you can fill 1 self too)

Edit: looks like something is wrong with my CC

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