5m SP Tengu Pilot

Located in Jita 4-4
NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
Can fly Tengu’s
2 Remaps available

5B/O open to all offers …
Plex will be used to transfer…Online

bump daily

4bn .

accepted if your offer still stands send isk and transfer will be started immediately

Online now will send you 4.1bn Now

im online and ready sir…

sending isk and account info now

Isk and Account info sent

isk recieved but no account info i msg’d ingame

transfer sent

Thank you sir! I received the in game message as well

More than an hours notice to re-outbid would’ve been nice…

sorry mrs swift contact in game and on forums i love your music though…

ticket has been submitted i have proof ccp is taking there time if u would liketo cancel let me know

if he does, lmk

I can wait thanks for letting me know. If you hear anything feel free to PM me in-game.

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