Wts 47mil sp tengu/golm pilot

(live2r1de) #1

will be online mondays and tuesdays contact me in game or replay to post will start bidding at 20 bil https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/live2r1de

eve skill didnt update yet in highsec and in npc corp

WTB ( rattlesnake / missile / drone ) 15-25m SP PILOT!
(Jade Muutaras) #2

30b Bid

(live2r1de) #3

30 bil accepted trying to contact you in game

send isk and account name and i will begin transfer

(Jade Muutaras) #5

Isk/Account name sent.

(live2r1de) #6

isk recieved charicter transfer started thanks jade

(live2r1de) #7

my debit card payment and paypal payment was denied by ccp isk returned transfer not possible sorry jade

paypal accepted my debit card ccp did not take the payment

(IChooseYou) #9

I am buying this character based on an in-game discussed.

(live2r1de) #10

going to try using plex ingame confirmed

(Jade Muutaras) #11

Happy to look at offering more.

(IChooseYou) #12

isk and account info sent.

(live2r1de) #13

Transfer of character is underway

(system) #14

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