Wts 47mil sp tengu/golm pilot

will be online mondays and tuesdays contact me in game or replay to post will start bidding at 20 bil https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/live2r1de

eve skill didnt update yet in highsec and in npc corp

30b Bid

30 bil accepted trying to contact you in game

send isk and account name and i will begin transfer

Isk/Account name sent.

isk recieved charicter transfer started thanks jade

my debit card payment and paypal payment was denied by ccp isk returned transfer not possible sorry jade

paypal accepted my debit card ccp did not take the payment

I am buying this character based on an in-game discussed.

going to try using plex ingame confirmed

Happy to look at offering more.

isk and account info sent.

Transfer of character is underway

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