WTS 52M SP Tengu Pilot. auction ended. high bid has eve mail


he has been sitting for 3 years. was a “scout” and a backup mission/WH toon

Wallet Balance: 0

Kill Rights; NONE

Jump Clones ; will be in high sec

Char location Amarr

edit; will end auction 1/20 0001 in game time.
I’ll go by all the rules, and I will pay the transfer fee.

39.5b offer

thank you. that’s high offer.

Good luck with your character sale, and thanks for using my Character Sale Sponsor feature on eveskillboard.com , best of luck!

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Saya Origami is high Bidder with 40 bil

how’s everyone tonight bump

Is there any way to fix the totally ■■■■■■ up name?

Not that I know of. TBH I have 7 accounts so the alt on #7 isn’t a high priority. Best part of the name is he rarely got called primary target😂

40.5 bil

41 bil

41.5 bil

42 bil

Bump and high bid of 42 bil

a good morning bump.

Bump :heart:

14 ish hours to go bump

online and ready to go to a new sp farm.

Character being sold to Vulgus Carovigra for 41 bil

isk and account details sent