WTS 52.7m SP Combat Pilot

Pilot is in High sec
Postive wallet
0.0 Sec status


+4 implants with a few ship implants
No other jump clones
2 bonus maps

Extraction value is 37.5b so thats the starting bid

Minimum character limit

Up to the top

up to the top

38 bil

Thank you for bid

upup up


45b and ill accept

Up up up

I bid 45b. transfer 45b to Balaena Musculus and eve-mail my account info to him too.

Thank you will confirm etc when I am home, will be home around 6pm eve time

I will take care of him ,lol. Have a nice day.

Sorry man, I write the inaccurate account info in the first eve-mail. Please comfirm that you transfer to the account in the secound mail.

Confirming character transfer to the updated evemail you sent account ending 6823

Thank you

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