[SOLD}WTS 78.4 M SP + 660K Unallocated SP

PVP + PVE pilot, can use CAL and GAL carriers;
Do not offer bellow extraction value
Pilot is in hi sec
Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 + 4 implants
2 + 5 implants
plugged in


Ready to sell as soon as fair offer is made

looking for offer above 50 B

thank you for your interest, but looking for fair offer above 50 B.

still for sale - BO - 50 B

Bump for today

Still for sale. Waiting for offers.

Interested. 50b offer and ISK is ready to send, if u accept… Hoping can own him before tomorrow DT and he’ll become my best wingman.

Thank you for offer, I accept

send me the details in game, wil start initiating transfer as soon as payment is received.

Emailed and ISK sent.

Confirm the receipt of isk, initiating the transfer

Transfer done. Thank you for planning to use me in game. o/

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