WTB 5M SP pilots

offering 2.8B. Will pay more for pilots with +5 implants. Leave your pilots info and price

Also interested in pilots with a bit higher SP, will pay accordingly


HG crystals including Omega
2nd clone with +5s
Research agents with research skills intact.

Confirming I am me. I am in NPC corp. Need to wait for eve skillboard to update or check in game.

Not interested in zarateng but will pay 3B for Headd_Trauma

Ok, send isk and account information and I will start the transfer.
In NPC corp
positive wallet,
located highsec
no killrights…
yadda yadda yadda

isk and info sent

received and transfer started.

3.5 bil


I offer 2.8B for Drostan Stone

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Accepted, Send isk & account info and i will begin the transfer process.

isk and info sent

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Isk Recieved transfer started.

Still looking for more

How much would you offer for this? :slight_smile:

Hi, have this character for sales, offer?


still looking for more


does 7.2bil sound reasonable for this toon? I added your 2.8bil to the 4.4bil I would get for $25 (being the same as transfer fee) of 5x purchased skill extracters and 2x ingame purchased extractors.

No, I’ll pay 5b for this