WTS - 5 mil SP starter pilot with +5 implants

Hi, this character is for sale.

  • Skills
  • Skillpoints - 5 mil
  • +5 attribute implants +5 hardwiring missile implants
  • Remaps - 1 bonus remap & remap available
  • High standings with Amarr and Caldari
  • Location Jita

Please post offers only in this thread.

Buyout is 3.5 bil.

I offer 3b

3.2B B/O.

3.5B B/O

3.5 B/O accepted
Send ISK and account info

isk and info sent

ISK received but I don’t see the email with account info. Can you check that pls?

it’s under money transfer reason, hover over the transaction in your wallet

Done, Thank you!

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