59 Million SP PVP Pilot - Updated

Capital/Sub Cap Pilot.


99% of all Navigation Skills to V
99% of all Engineering Skills to V
Capital Ships V !
Thermodynamics V
All Armor Comps to V
All Shield Comps to V

Minmatar Dread Pilot
Black Ops Bridger

58,841,614 M Skill Points
Standard set of Implants
10 Clone spots available
Bonus Remaps available: 2

Many Skills injected

  • Positive wallet
    *Located in Jita
  • No Kill Rights
  • 0.0 Security status
  • Member of an NPC Corporation

I pay the transfer after isk is paid.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.


Confirming I am for sale


Thanks for the bid, Rollo Longsword is has the leading bid.

56 bil

Darkstar Six leads the auction at 56 Bill.

Auction ends in 48 hours.

Auction ends in 5 hours, Darkstar Six leads the auction with 56 Billion.

DarkStar Six wins the auction with 56 Billion. Please pay isk to this character and I will commence the transfer.

No communication from DarkStar Six re sale so I am still for sale starting at 55 Bill

Still for sale


45b offer

Bumpski, still for sale


Still for sale.

Nice Character


Still for sale

bump for the day

soon to be 59 Million SP