No longer buying

Buying pilots with 10m SP or higher. Post your eveskillboard links here and I will reply to you with an in-game mail containing an offer for that character.

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What would you offer for mine?

Mail sent.

Mail sent with an offer.

WTS 30mil SP Minmatar character

@Amphal_II My offer is the same as previously made in your thread: WTS 30mil SP Minmatar character

if Offer stands I accept. Currently in game.

Ill buy anything for 10% over offer prices

72mil SP NYX pilot

Not sure price.

Sorry for delayed responses, I was out of town for a few days. All mails with offers have been sent and replied to.

Ingame offer received and accepted for sale of Samuel Baboli

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Isk sent for the purchase of @Samuel_Baboli and account info sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

92 bil starting bid or what do you got, I ““MAY”” consider it.

isk and account details received, support ticket submitted for transfer. TYVM for fast service

Price is good for me, offer 8b accepted, send isk and account name and i transfer when i return to house ( currently in work )

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