WTS Titan Pilot. SOLD

WTS 41M SP and 792,735 SP unalocated titan toon. He can fly Ragnarok an Avatar titans and also minmatar subcap ships. He also has a full Nirvana set in his head. Positiv wallet and 3 remaps.

Price drop to 30 bil.


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I gotta know all this info before I can make you an offer!

Actually read this!

Sorry about that i forgot to link the eveskillboard :(.



23b offer

That is to low sorry.

offer 30.

Deal. Shinsou Tengen. Send isk and account info for transfer

Bump .
Still for sale. Price drop to 30bil buy out.

Offer 30 Billion.

Accepted. Send isk to caracter and account transfer info

Isk and evemail with account details sent.

will do the transfer in 2 hours.

Transfer done. Thanks.

Character transfer email recevied.

Thank you.

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