WTS 100m SP Titan Character

Old guy for sale
My sheet

Positive wallet, positive ss
Almost-ready avatar/ragnarok/supercap pilot with bonus skills
Full slave/ascendancy set
I’ll pay for transfer

Start 60b, b/o 90b

Needs to be in NPC corp and need to confirm sale in here with the toon.

70B bid once fixed :smiley:

Confirming I’m for sale, left npc corp

Thanks for your bid!

Still for sale

60b B/O

70 b bid


Thanks for your bid, if no one beat it in the next few days we’ll have a deal.

P.S. Added b/o

Still for sale, don’t miss your chance (even stripping it with extractors will get u more isk)

81 bil

81.01 bil



Please, use 1b increment if you want me to consider your bid.

82 bil

82.01 bil

If nobody will post new bids tomorrow I’ll accept 85b bo I got yesterday via mail.

Accepted, starting transfer asap

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