WTS 40mil Sp cruiser / hac / legion / logi / svipul / covops / mining

hi, i’m wolf and i’m for sale.

good core skills, good gunnery / med lasers / auto cannons

full set of mid snakes

pos wallet, good standing etc

i have many of the cold steel and purity skins

full svipul, full legion skills

marauders and exhumers injected and within short skill train

i have the super rare (only 1000 ish in existence) stripes of fury Minmatar FW ccp issued medal.

perfect to spex and then b/s alpha

b/o 50 bil (getting a unique FW medal nerds!)


bidding starts at 35

ok bidding starts at 28 b/o 40

I can offer 30b. Need do some holiday purchases, can do the deal in two hours.

Final offer.

I am online around 10m more.

sorry i must take more bids first. 30 is too low.




33 and i’m yours…

Maybe, Im going to have to wait until eveboard is back up, uless you want to post screenshots of the skills. Also we can chat if you want im logged in.

Maybe post the Api keys?

I send you one moment ago the 33b with my banker, please send to the account specified.

I’ll check and confirm later tonight 2100 et been on work call out

any news ?

an update, please.

I think you were scammed.

The ISK that a buyer sends when attempting to purchase a character is considered to belong to him until such a time as the character being purchased has been delivered to the account of his choosing. If the character sale is not completed, the ISK must be returned in full to the potential buyer.

Yeah, this begin to look very shady.

Wolf Karajan, please send the character or return the isk As soon you can, or i will be forced to put a ticket… is possible u already send via plex transfer but i dount so because you are in rens now.

All of us undesrstand real life can have problems, but two days passed of your last message “I’ll check and confirm later tonight 2100 et been on work call out”

I dont want be forced to rise a ticket for ask a punishment, but your messages in this thread, “WTS 40mil SP cruiser/hac/legion/logi/svipul/covops/mining” are clear and you are not following the rules.

I think you’re being too kind, I would of reported this within 12 hours of no update.

Thankfully you’ll receive every isk returned and he’ll be banned. I would at least submit a ticket, who knows CCP might give him the nudge he clearly needs to either return the money or transfer the char.

Please give us an update.

sorry i’ve been on relentless call out with work, i’ll log in and return isk immediatly.

send u a Private Message

Isk returned, what a waste of time.