WTS 82mill + 8,7mill SP frigate PVP character https://zkillboard.com/character/2113092951/ https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sir_Yag

100 bill isk

Uhhh, what?

Are you wanting to buy? Please specify.

Are you looking to sell? Please see the Character Bazaar Rules on how to properly sell a character

then see the post above I made about the rules and Edit your first post with the relevant information.

not the topic title, your first post, where you put 100 b isk… and its not zkill its eveskill…

eveskill is what is required to sell the character… if you read the rules, you’d know this…

As already highlighted by another user, this thread has been closed as it does not contain full disclosure and the player for sale is still in a player corporate (must be in an NPC corporation prior to sale).

Please review the Character Bazaar rules prior to posting a new ad.


ISD Bahamut