WTS Ragnarok/Hel/Nyx pilot 86mil+ SP 75B b/o

Remaking sales thread, old one has been closed by ISD(Thank you!)

Selling myself
No implants to note, set of mixed +4’s and +5s and a mining mindlink
Located in Jita
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
No Kill rights

84.5mil SP

Minnie Titan V
Doomsday V
Doomsday Rapid Firing V
(Missing spatial phenom skills :frowning:)

Minnie Carrier V
Gallente Carrie V


Fighters V
Heavy only to IV

T2 Indy Core
Rorqual and ice/ore excavs


Hunters Quiver
Glacial Drift

Starting Bid: 70B
Buyout: 90B

Not in a hurry, but will entertain offers over starting bid.

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70b offer

Noted, Thanks for the offer would like to wait just a bit

i will sleep after 1hour. if you want sell it .call me

To the top of the roof, the top of the wall…

Up to the top of the page once more!

to the top

Up.we go

Bump on this fine Sunday afternoon

how much do you want for the acc

80b and ill transfer the character tonight

give me until tomorrow

Sure let me know

how is it going with the money


Ready to initiate transfer if/when you have isk

still interested?

Sent you an in-game mail

up we go

to the top

50b offer