62 mill sp Ragnarok pilot

61.7 kk SP Titan pilot


minnie titan V
all the bells and whistles after dd rapid firing V
10 days til cap projectile V

Auction will run until tuesday june 18

start bid 60 bn no reserve

buy out will be accepted if i really like it.
post here or PM scanner alt one

60B ready Are you Chinese?I look you eveskillboard is Fraternity。


Your information?

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I am not chinese. Thank you got the opening bid

Updated thread with my skill sheet. I guess I forgot that in post.

In game mail sent, do let me know what you think,


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65b offered

An in game offer of 70 bn has been put up.

I would like to top up your offer with a bill,

71B ready for transfer :ok_hand:

72b offered

Buy out of 75 billion will be accepted

Buyer backed out. Buy out cancelled

75 bill buyout accepted waiting for isk to iniate transfer

isk recieved. transfer started

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