WTS 73M SP Titan Pilot (Rag)

Selling my cap pilot

  • Ragnarok ready,
  • All Subcap Races up to Cruiser V
  • Recon V
  • Logistics V
  • HIC’s V
  • JDC V
  • JFC IV
  • Cyno V

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Skullmaker90
Pass: 1234

  • Positive Balance
  • No Kill Rights
  • Jump Clones:
    • Anttiri V - M20
    • Z-M5A1 IX - Domination Fleet Staging Point
  • Located in Caldari Navy Assembly, Jita IV, M4

Opening Bid 65B
Buyout 70B



offer 60b

61 bil

61 B bid noted, Bump!

Bump! I’ll give it 3 more days till close.

Can I see the skills? The url you gave is not accessible

Looks like eveboard is down at the moment.

yep .so I want to see the skill sheet


Here’s a jackknife link.

Bump, Last day before accepting bid.

Is this toon still available?

edit: retracted

Bump, Not sure if your still interested, been sick and unable to update.

63 bil

Noted, Bump


64 bil

Accepted, ready to transfer when you are.