WTS 46M SP Pilot for PVP (Caldari and Amarr focused)

46m+ SP (38k sp unallocated),
located in Jita,
in NPC corp,
positive security status,
no kill rights,
no jump clones,
Caldari and Amarr focused, including T2 Heavy Assault Cruiser / T2 Tactical Destroyer / Tengu

Starting Bid 40b

30bil buy out. isk in hand

Thanks for the offer, looking for more.


30bil offer is still good. Can send isk right away

31b can send isk right now

Offering 34 Billion.

bump2, I’d like to wait about 2 weeks for more isk.

35b offer


bump4,will sell in 3 days.


37B offer

bump6, last 1 day.

Offer accepted, please send isk and info.

OK, isk sent

Im still working and need half a day to log in EVE, plz wait.

Transfer process has been submitted.

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