WTS Ragnarok pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Melissa_Slaanesh 38m sp

Titan skills only, negative ss, no killrights.
Clone with mg ascendancy set

30b start
40b bo

30b bid

Hopes for a bit more

Daily bump

Auction will last untill end of the week (if no one buyout it). On current timee there is only one 30b bid from Majin Uzumaki.

31B offered waiting for your confirm

32b offer

34B offer

Buyout reduced to 40b.

35B offer

Bid accepted, waiting for acc name and isk.

isk sent also sent account info by ingame mail

Isk recieved.
Ill write in this topic when GM answer to my petition about transfer.

Take my apologize for a long transfer, but looks like gm gone for a weekends.

It’s ok :slight_smile:

What news?

Someone did something with petition and it activity date get updated, but there is no replies and toon still on my account. Im very dissaponted in reaction time, its so annoying to have both isk and toon so long.

Please tell me good news

SORY for offtopic i got same prob
sold my character like 10 days ago send ccp ticket still no replai character still on my acc
so u not only one its just CCP lazy

Interesting that first toon which i sold got transfered in two hours, so i was sure it happens fast. Now i have two characters on standby with week silent in petitions both.

I dont know, maybe try to petition by yourself, give them this thread and my petition id. What if they react fast just for first petition per person idk. I cant do anything with it.