WTS 20+ mil SP logi pilot

(Aqua Vulva) #1


Logi 5
Amarr, Gal, Mim Cruiser 5

Starting bid - 15 bil
Buyout - 20 bil

Char is in npc corp eveboard may not reflect thtat yet

All CCP rules apply

(Aqua Vulva) #2

daily bump

(Aqua Vulva) #3

daily bump

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #4

mail send

(Aqua Vulva) #5

daily bump, 15 bill and ill sell the char.

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #6

i take your ingame offer

ISK and accountname send!!


(Aqua Vulva) #7

sounds good ill be home in a few hours and ill get the xfer started

(Aqua Vulva) #8

the ticket is in the transfer should come soon

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #9

I did not recieve the char yet, prolly a hold-up with CCP

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #10

Still nothing, an other char i bought was tranferred by plex after yours and hase arrived so i hope all is oke.