WTS 20+ mil SP logi pilot


Logi 5
Amarr, Gal, Mim Cruiser 5

Starting bid - 15 bil
Buyout - 20 bil

Char is in npc corp eveboard may not reflect thtat yet

All CCP rules apply

daily bump

daily bump

mail send

daily bump, 15 bill and ill sell the char.

i take your ingame offer

ISK and accountname send!!


sounds good ill be home in a few hours and ill get the xfer started

the ticket is in the transfer should come soon

I did not recieve the char yet, prolly a hold-up with CCP

Still nothing, an other char i bought was tranferred by plex after yours and hase arrived so i hope all is oke.

Unfortunially still nothing, 3 days and still no incomming transfer, and until now no reaction from the seller, still asume he/she did not read the tread, but if there is no sign of life within 12 hours from now ill open a scam petition. Again, i still asume nothing is wrong.

Char recieved, kinde unaspected bet still thanks

petition cancelled

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