Wts 50 m sp pilot


Check out my toon and skills!

Caldari BS 5
Heavy Assault cruisers V
Industrial Command Ships V

Sec.status 4
Wallet 0
No kill rights
4 jump clones
npc corp
location high sec

Starting price: 36 b
BO: 41 b

ill bid 36

I’ll bid 41 billion

42 bil

43bil offer

43 is fine. Will be waiting for isk and acc info

Im stuck at the hospital with my son at current. Time. We wont be home for some time 3-5 days. Ill try and make my wife come by with my laptop.

Got this app on my phone so ill write you in-game with my facebook.

You gave me wrong name, no such user in discord

Bah sorry about that my pc just landed ill move the isk now

isk and account details send

ok, I ll start transfer once I get home

Cheers and thanks for the trade. dont stress about it. i wont be going home anytime soon

btw about the discord name guess the problem was my name starts with a big V

BTW could i ask you to give me an update once the Transfer is started

best regards


when are you going to start the transfer

best regards

I dont know could be he ran into real life problems. But ive heard nothing from this guy since his reply some 20 hours ago

Ive not gotten any transfer email confirmation.

yes, its a hacked account. all SP and ISK are extracted. the owner got called and CCP is informed.

i have same issue too -.-

Christina Geldmacher make a ticket about it. take pic all the info you can. i wrote to the corp this guy used to be in to inform them of what was going on. i feel sad on behalf of the real owner of that char. i hope you wont suffer to much from this

best regards from the north

his corp leadership called the owner after you (?) wrote in our public channel about this and he managed to get access to the accounts again. so right now its CCPs job to reset all the changes made by the attacker and maybe (don’t know how CCP handles this) refund the buyers ISK. the char was completly “wrecked”. down to 5m SP (from around 40m) and 0 ISK. its very sad to see this, but I hope they can fit it.

thanks a lot for contacting his corp, he wasn’t playing eve the last weeks and wouldn’t have noticed this mess soon.