Wts 82m sp pilot

No kill rights
Possitive waller
In high sec
No jump clones
500000 free sp
2 remaps
I want 70b so it is bo
Start bid 65b dont offer lower 65 pls

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65 bil

70 bil

Bid accepted, waiting isk

got a better offer from friend !


thank you

Ill accept your offer than if it is still actual

Sorry can’t. Already bought another character.

65bil i can do

Ok, bid is accepted

isk and acc data sent

Alright, will start transfer once I am at pc

You started? If not tell me i will give you different acc data Have sent new acc data

you got scammed man, same as me a week ago, you probably sent the isk, and the guy extracted his sp and ran off, report him to ccp, he will get banned.

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