WTS 93.8 Mil SP Pilot

Password: 123
3 Jump clones
1 remap
no kill rights
char in high sec
positive wallet (1 isk)
sec status +3.
90,000 free sp.
70b starting bid.

erm how?

i literally just went to the forum, found the first WTS with roughly the same SP as mine, and copied the layout, sorry if thats feels like a scam to you, but i can assure you, its not. Alltho i might have to reconsider the pricing if you find it being a lowball price.

do you mind deleting your scam replies? its not really appealing…

Isk and account info sent.

Isk and account info received. Starting Character Transfer.

Transfer started, please confirm buyer.

confirmation mail received with thanks. Now fingers crossed that he doesn’t have 5mil sp when I get him

haha, same here. Contact me if there is an issue, fly safe o7

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