WTS myself 101Mill SP

(kequal) #1


No kill rights

In jita 4/4 no jump clones. Has decent implant set has 256k SP’s to use.

Taking bids and reasonable B/O’s Thanks

:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(kequal) #2


taking bids on this pilot

(Maizie Fields) #3

86 billion

(kequal) #4

86Bill noted. I will let it run for another hr or so.

(Maizie Fields) #5

I’ll up to 87.5 billion…

(kequal) #6

87.5Bill Buyout accepted. awaiting isk and account name

(Maizie Fields) #7

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!

(kequal) #8

Transfer has started

(Maizie Fields) #9

Transfer confirmed by CCP. Thanks kequal!!

(system) #10

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