WTS 132Mil SP capital pilot with extensive combat skills and excellent PI and WH isk production


Selling my old combat toon with 132 mil sp
Able to pilot several different classes of Capital and nearly every sub-cap ship. Maxed core skills and most weapon and defensive systems are max.

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Still has a few LP to play with

Very self sustaining toon that has happily lived all over New Eden.

100Bil B/O

how much is your buyout for this toon

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Haven’t even thought about that yet. Maybe 100bil, I dunno

100mil? I’m in :sweat_smile:



Sorry, but you’re saying 100mil as in 100 million?

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oh jesus! TY for pointing it out. lol


65 bil b/o

Hmm, seems pretty low. But, It’s also not super important to me. If you’d be willing to go to 70, i’d take that.