SOLD - Delete

Looking to Sell myself - check out my skills here.

Character is a good T2 Rev Pilot, Good Nav Skills - close to Apostle. Can fly Obelisk etc with Injected JF Skill - so Anshar soon.

Excellet all round ALT.

Looking to start the Auction at 55 Bill
Buyout set at 64bill

WIll run for 1 week or until a good buyout is taken.

Pilot IS in Highsec and an NPC Corp. All ISK to me - I will pay for transfer.

45b offer

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Good Offer - lets see about some more!

Getting some exposure! <3

46bil BO, isk in hand.

48bil ready

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I will take the 48bill Offer. - can you send ISK to Character with account name to transfer to?

I am in for another 2 or 3 hours, then im working till late friday night.

Account info and Isk sent

Character Transfer STarted

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