(Pro Doomsday) #1

Sell my lovest lady for cash to buy an Titan pilot!!
She has 39M skill point with perfect Carrier skills!!
NO wasted skill!!!
Heavy Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Drons core supports all V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V
Start Bid: 35B
B/O: 46B
I will pay the transfer fee with $ not plex,
pilot already in an NPC CROP and located in Jita!
Just wanna sell

(lifebetter HOPE) #2

The PW?

(UrsusMajor) #3

Took a guess… password is 123

(UrsusMajor) #4

Think you need to post this from the character on sale, or validate that it’s for sale… would be interested if so

(lifebetter HOPE) #5

35 bill

(Pxjxxx Du) #6

I am for sale!! sorry guys mb!

(Extra Crispy Winger) #7

36b B/o

(lifebetter HOPE) #8


(Theodred Alabel) #9

37.0b b/o

(Ren Setion) #10

37.5b b/o

(Theodred Alabel) #11

38b b/o

(Ren Setion) #12

38.5 b/o

(Theodred Alabel) #13

39b b/o

(Ren Setion) #14

40b b/o

(Theodred Alabel) #15

41b b/o

(Pro Doomsday) #16

B/O 46B added cause the NEW HEL SKIN worth 2B

(Theodred Alabel) #17

@Pro_Doomsday 44b and you have a deal.

(Pro Doomsday) #18

i really wanna sell her on 44B but need more for the titan pilot. 46B i guess is a fair price. And i am online can do the transfer right now.

(Theodred Alabel) #19

@Pro_Doomsday very well. 46b it is. Isk and account info sent to the character being sold

(Pro Doomsday) #20

ISK and Account infor received , i will start the transfer asap!