WTS This character 166m SP PVP CAPSHIP


I want 150b

Im going on holiday (back on friday) will sell to the person who has the highest offer then :slight_smile:

HG slaves
Great standings
Positive wallet
Not sure what other stuff I have to write. This is a normal character for sale nothing aweful and great skills.

I’ll do 142b right now if you like.

I do want as close to 150b as possible

Okay. Let me know if you decide to accept my bid. Bidding on another titan pilot, so whichever accepts first gets my isk.

If i rip the skills I can get 144b so really want 150b - fair price :slight_smile:

0/ This is toon still for sale??

It is :slight_smile:

Ill meet your buy out if you wait a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

sure, lemme know

How long are you willing to wait ? Im waiting on a contract but may take a few days.

To be fair, i just paid another 1.5b for another month multi-skill pilot training. So im good for a month.

Have you got discord? Could you add me and I will keep you up to date.

I dont but you can just message me here or ingame.

Ill get you on both! thanks

I will hold this until the other guy gets his isk together unless a better offer comes along obv :wink:

Isk is ready, can you confirm you’re happy with my offer and accept ?

I head to work in about two hours and I won’t be online till 0800 eve time.

Home, still interested in selling :)?

Yes I am but I am still away with work :frowning: Not sure that I am getting back until next weekend now - only have iphone until then

im back, do you still want the character?