WTS 18,5mil miner, sentry t2, cruiser 5, 2.7mil free sp and more

I am for sale

all ccp rules apply
i pay transfer with credit card


positive wallet

looking for 18bil

You need to remove yourself from the player corporation you are in before you can list a character for sale, just FYI.

I’ll do 16bil

Thanks for the hint. It was out of corp but probably the eveskill server didnt refresh.
I refreshed the character.
Make it 17 bil and we have a deal?

16 is as high as I’m willing to do :), no worries if not

this toon still for sale?

yes it is.

16.5 B/O

Checking forums at work though dont tell the boss. Wont be available to transfer isk and account for 15hrs (9pm est)

16,5 is okay if its okay i transfer with plex.
Make it 17 and i pay with credit card.

16.5 with paid transfer
14 with plex

My offer

How do you calculate that?
16,5 bil down to 14bil?

Sorry no.

Because i dont want to wait weeks to receive a pilot via plex…

My 16.5b offer stands but only for paid transfer

Okay i understand thatl
Let us make a Deal for both.
We make it 16,75Bil with credit card transfer.

still for sale

I’ll buy it for 16.75 bil

deal. send account name and isk.

Isk and account info sent

isk received. transfer initiated.
Thansk alot.

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