WTS Mining Booster/Shield Booster/Miner/Ratter Pilot with 25m SP EveSkillboard - Anemic

Free SP: 440k
Location: Jita 4-4
Jump Clone: T5z
Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: No
NPC Corp
1 re-map with 1 more in a month
Has a few fun SKINs

Taking offers \o/ Looking for at least 12b

if trading is even legal? just thought about that…

no, its not.

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Bump \o/

Bump Baby

Bump Bump


Sure I can do that.

I’m sorry I managed to finally purchase a character in my own thread after weeks, but i’m sure you’ll sell soon.

What are you hoping to get for this pilot?

12B offer

At least the extraction value of around 12B.

Thats the high bid so far. I am at work if it still is by time I get home its yours.

Sorry just get one after that…

So Im confused, is it sold or not?

He backed out so it is still for sale.

I can give u the 12b now.

Sure I can take that. I am at work if you send info via in game mail with the payment I can transfer it as soon as I get home.

Isk and account sent.

I am tranferrinmg a char (selling one now to make space ), please transfer in aprox 15 hours. Not hurry. Can be tomorrow without problem but answer thread when you transfer. i edit here when ready for get the transfer.

Isk received. I will be at work most likely around the 15 hour mark but Ill make sure I transfer it asap after 15hours has elapsed from your post. Thank you and take good care of her :slight_smile: