==> WTB <== Characters between 15-125m sp

WTB characters between 15 and 125 million skillpoints.

I offer an approximate extraction value for your character. This means : the number of large injectors, minus price of extractors, minus taxes and fees, plus / minus delta.

My offer includes a guaranteed QUICK and SMOOTH transaction.

Prospective sellers agree to the rules for character transfer as prescribed by CCP. Link to the rules here: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Please include an updated link to EveSkillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/

Thank you.


18B BO for today :slight_smile:

13.5 billion

:slight_smile: i need 18b . If you think , I can some more discounts.

That’s the best I can offer. Maybe someone else will offer you a better price.

Bump …

Ready to buy

@obscvrvs 33 billion if u eventually decide to sell

@ice_moose if u decide to sell, swing by and see if we can reach a deal that works for both of us

@M82K1nG swing by if u decide to sell

@Black_Alva what is a good price for you?

B u m p


15.5 billion

It is interesting to know how much it is estimated

Do I understand correctly, the price is only for the character?
Assets leave at my discretion аccording to the rules?

Thats correct. Only the character.

After preparing the character for the transfer, what I will need to do to convey it to you, the guide is not entirely clear to me.
Do I need to make a topic on this forum to sell a character?
What I need to pay on the transfer portal I know

If you accept my offer, then i transfer the isk to your character along with the name of my account. You move the isk from your character to another of your characters. Then on the account management page, you initiate the transfer. Once it starts, both of us receive an email. Then 10 hours later the character moves from your account to my account.

These forums are so that if something should go wrong, CCP and the players have access to all the information.

Daily bump

@Arkous_Sentari 25.5 billion