Hi, i am buying characters for my skillpoint farm, i offer you a fair and fixed price 800 ISK / Skillpoint. I have determined this price from past sales here on bazaar. Characters should have min. 4.000.000 skillpoint.
Example: For a 5 million SP char you will get 4 billion isk.
contact me ingame Arisha Moon or join the chatchannel “Moonpire Bank” or post here your chars.

Prospective sellers acknowledge and agree to all CCP terms ( Welcome to the Character Bazaar ) regarding character sales.

First the markets, then the investment bank and now the character bazaar. You really are trying to copy everything I do, aren’t you?

That’s cool. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :slight_smile:

Hey boss :slight_smile: , the problem is, i have started much later then you that game( 6 month ago i really started to play and started with 1 billion isk and tradet it up to 300 billion right now) and i am looking for opportunities to make isk.
The markets failed, no chance against your army alone :slight_smile: . Investment bank is at beginning and the farm too.
Otherwise it would be boring without real competition or?
The thing is… i want to try earn here big isk… i am interested in the process itself not in the isk. you know you reached all goals, you need new targets… and that are my targets here in that game.
of course it would be easier to get all the isk for $, but then there is no fun. and i think you play the game because of fun as me. so happy competition.
you have to put the ice cream car next to the competition, that is the basic of the competition.

Dayily Bump.

Daily bump

Daily Bump

how much skillpoint does he have?

24 mill

i offer you 19.5 billion

ill take it, but give me a day to move assetts, i am heading to work now

ok and please give me a screenshot of the skillpoints and how many remaps do you have?

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Darklord_007 linked his eve board, 0 remaps

ufff… when is the next remap available? because it looks not good for me, because i want sp farming

WTS http://eveboard.com/pilot/Millennial

4,6 b offer

I accept your offer of 4.6 Billion ISK,

Positive wallet, implants are as seen on eve board, no jump clones, located in jita 4-4, I will pay transfer fee as stated by CCP, All CCP rules apply. Awaiting ISK and account info and I will initiate the transfer.

Isk and account info sent.

Confirming I am for sale as per my eve-mail to you.


ISK and account info sent