9,3 mil sp cov ops explorer

For sale.

npc corp
posetive wallet
no kill rights
5 bilion starting bid
6b buy out

still for sale

hi, 5B

hey. il take it. bid acepted send isk to me and acount transfer details

isk sent, account name provided

isk recived . but cant see account name please send it here or ingame mail.

was specified in the isk sending, I’ve sent you an email in game

i get this warining Your account is closed for character transfer.

so il refund the isk and cancel the sale. as i dont know whats wrong. im sorry

it’s because I’m deleteing a character, please wait 9 hours and it will be ok

ah dam ive already sendt isk back. if you stil want the char just send isk again and i wil transfer in 9 hours

isk recived sending when you are finished deleting the char

ok, I’ll ping you, thanks

I’ve cancel the deletion of my alt, please try again and let me know


please let me know if the sale is still ok?



no answer, please cancel the trade and give my isk back