49 bill

50b bid do you have idea for buyout

we agrre in game. my offer is 65 bill

65 bil agreed for the toon. Waiting isk from @Gergers_Ejnar and account data

Please send isk to my alt: NogebatorBlz

just to let you know thats against the character sale rules

the toon being sold must receive the isk

i send isk just to the caracter that i buy, sorry

i send the ISK now. but you shoud know if you want to scam, the ccp banned you and send me back the ISK. Please be correct.

ok, please send to my alt, I am not going to scam

you are scemmer because you extracted around 20 mill sp from 75 mill. i will write a ticket to ccp

i am not going to send you any ISK. you are Scammer.

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